Midnight Express Books is proud to introduce
Robert N. Smithback
A Never Ending Nightmare
Imagine waking-up in a Texas prison, ten years into a forty-five year prison sentence for a crime that never happened; a crime for which the State cannot prove happened; a crime for which you were denied the basic civil rights to due process of law including a trial by jury.

In The Age of Global Terrorism
While Governor George W. Bush was running for the highest office in the United States, the United States Supreme Court tossed out the 1993 Amendments to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure; the law that promotes due process rights as seen by those who have a vested interest in the expansion of the Prison Industrial Complex, but was and still is ignored by the State because of the political consequences State Officials faced if the general public discovered that thous¬ands of innocent people have been incarcerated in the world’s second largest prison system. These same Officials have declared war on Global Terrorism yet have managed to keep their acts of terrorism out of the public domain... until now!

The Invisible War on Civil Rights
In this horrifying autobiography, Smithback takes the reader into the real world Criminal Justice system that sacrifices constitutional guarantees for Government backed greed and power; where anyone can fall victim with just a phone call, and those who perpetuate corruption goes untouched by the very agency created to pre¬vent and prosecute organized treason... the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

ISBN 978-0-9898748-6-1
102 pages