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This epic allegory is a story about a fellow who dies in his sleep, while having a dream that he is in a boat, on a journey to Heaven. Our character does not realize at most points of his dream that he actually is dying. Towards the END of the story, he begins to REALIZE that this dream, in actuality, IS real.

While our character sleeps, he dreams that he is in a boat with seven beautiful women, who each represent part of the life that our character spent, while alive, in this world. As he accepts in HIMSELF, the way he has spent his life, he loses, in his Dream, the ladies, one by one to awesome experiences, until he is alone in the boat, as he is in his sleep. At this point, in the DREAM, our character reaches Heaven in his dream-boat, and is accepted INTO the Kingdom of Heaven. In REALITY, he dies, views his dead self, merges with the Divine and then, his spirit speaks to his audience from that far away place.

Throughout the story, our characters mind drifts back and forth, from reality, his lifetime, to non-reality, his Dream.

Now, as you READ my story, let your Mind drift with the Thought that Life, in itself, IS a Dream and all that you see and hear is only an extension of your OWN dying self


ISBN 978-0-9903183-4-7
137 pages