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Travis Foulks
King the infamous drug lord, believe to be one of the richest and most deadly dealer the city of Memphis had ever seen. He had an organization of people who followed his ever command, or paid the price; sometime with their life. King turned his illegal empire into a multi-million dollar, legit business. He refused to return to that deadly life of crime he once lived, but somehow found himself slowly being drugged back into the streets.

Moneeka, an Essence bestselling author, of freaky tails, was used to every man wanting her, but she never gave it up. She thought entirely too much of herself after finding her new found fame and beauty. Being turned down by King she pursues him even more, but at the wrong time in his life.
Will Moneeka ever get a chance at having King as her man, before he ends up in prison, or dead. Or will King stay clear of her undying beauty, and return to the life he once knew. Selling that girl (heroin) which he knew everybody wanted her, in the hard streets of Memphis.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9903183-2-3
212 pages
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