Midnight Express Books is proud to introduce
Felix Flores
One grave held a fortune in gold. Many died trying to seek it out. Bill Turette, better known as The Cowboy faced many odds in his life. But finding his loved ones dead only made him crave to kill the evil old man in town. Earl Hessenger and one hundred of his men claimed anything or anyone. To stop them, the cowboy would need help from the Double Star Ranch and Indian warriors who had become his friends for life. Once the shooting began, the gates of hell opened up as bodies laid out dead. As the dust settled on a new day, the lives of many changed for the better and new hopes and dreams in their minds once more.
After finding the gold, the cowboy tries to give it to the Indian people. But the Chief sees more folks dead in his mind and tells the cowboy to keep it. Reburying the gold, it remains as if never found.
ISBN 978-0-9898748-7-8
168 pages