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Rory Folsom & Steve Duby
Breaking Free is an intensive eight (8) week substance abuse and behavioral self-awareness treatment program that contains several key components. This will be an in-patient / out-patient program and there will be a one-on-one counseling component as needed. The foundation is based upon the concept of sobriety along with mental, physical and social wellness. Breaking Free also instills the EACH ONE TEACH ONE principles.
The program is designed with three (3) weekly group sessions as well as three (3) self-development homework assignments to be completed during the week. This allows Phase One of the program to be completed within the eight (8) weeks.
Recovery and Social Wellness draws on several different philosophies and practices of substance abuse group therapy, one-on-one and the 12-step process. Along with these practices ‘Breaking Free’ will integrate self-awareness, anger management, and Bio-Psycho-Social aspects of living within our society norms both in and out of institutional settings.
Recovery and Social Wellness equates into a well-balanced human being. A balanced person is one with a developed sense of responsibility, insight, and remorse. This person can be strongly connected to the principals, laws, and values of the world they live in. The EACH ONE TEACH ONE principal states that everyone has value, and everyone has at least one something (knowledge, life experiences, etc.), that can help someone else.

ISBN 978-0-9888063-6-8 368 Pages $24.95
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