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Omar ďOĒ Johnson watched plenty drug dealers come and go in his short life. The lure of sex, drugs, fast money and big boy cars fueled Omarís desire to be the cityís biggest dope boy ever. Omar looked at the older dope boys and figured most of them to be dumb. He watched plenty of them die in the streets or fall victim to the Feds. Omar never had the dreams most kids have of becoming a professional athlete or the next big rapper. Omar knew at a very young age that he didnít want to do anything but sell plenty dope. With his mind made up and his eyes on the prize, Omar set out to do just that ... at all costs.

Take this ride with Omar, and bear witness to the highs and the very lows of his choices. Will Omar be the one out of
millions who has taken this same path? Will he wake up from this dream, or will these dope boy dreams turn into federal nightmare? One thing is for sure, Omar was hell bent on getting too rich or getting 100 years trying.

154 pages