Midnight Express Books is proud to introduce
MR. D.

Mr. D capti vates the readerís att enti on with Under Pressure,
taking them through the internal politi cs and realities of life
inside some of the most dangerous federal prisons in the United States. The plot shows what may lead a person to sit in a prison cell and plan the murder of another prisoner. With Chapter ti tles such as Enough, Vengeance, Mercy, Karma and Freedom, the story takes the reader on a psychological voyage they are unlikely to forget.
The plot takes twists and turns to keep the reader waiti ng for
the next chain of events that Mr. D delivers in dramatic, exciting and raw scenes. A serial killer escaped prosecuti on for his more sinister crimes. He does not escape the piercing sword
of Lady Justi ce in the end.
Love is not lost in prison. Love drives Stan Mason between his
desire to get out of prison or risk spending the remainder of his young life inside to protect his sister. With shank in hand, he plans to prevent the plan that may lead her to prison.
The pressure is on as he squeezes the handle.

ISBN 978-0-9857686-9-0
148 pages