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 Loosely based on true events, and told from the points of view from those involved, The Pagan Connection is the story of Jacqueline, a woman who gives up everything to join a group of Wiccans. Not knowing the true nature of the coven, which is a front for a meth manufacturing operation, Jacqueline blindly follows the leader into the fold where she is soon initiated into the coven and eventually learns to cook meth. With a history of using her body to get what she wants, Jacqueline begins to work a plan to take over the business. With little thought to the aftermath of her actions, she single-handedly destroys the coven with a sex scandal no one saw coming, and with a surprising turn of events, death follows from a most unlikely source.

ISBN: 978-0990318309
218 pages
  Meth: a Memoir is both raw and disturbing. Written from within the confines of prison walls, the author gives an unflinching look at a life surrounded by drugs and drug use. It is a no holds barred, no feelings spared story that drags you, kicking and screaming, through the inner realms of the meth world.
  As an addict and meth cook, the author knows that there are aspects to the meth lifestyle that can only be understood by experiencing it for yourself. To help you understand this sub-culture, and those who call that world home, the author will take you into the meth world as no one else has ever done before.
  Everyone in America is affected by meth in one way or another. That simple fact makes this book a MUST READ.

ISBN: 978-0-9857686-4-5
290 pages
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  Five people in east Tennessee find themselves trapped inside a mobile home with an operating meth lab and federal agents outside. After their surrender, all the occupants are indicted by the Federal Government for drug and explosives charges when road flares are mistaken as dynamite.
Samuel Evers, the cook in the trailer, is offered a deal with the DEA and the local Drug Task Force. He is given the chance to gain his freedom if he is willing to work as a confidential informant but in one months time the bodies start to pile up and his handlers might not be willing to admit to the orders they gave Sam.

  In an attempt to protect himself, Sam began keeping a journal of his meetings and movements while under the control of the agents.

  This is that journal.

ISBN: 978-0692268117
258 pages
  Raised in North Carolina, Michael Hall learned to love two things above all else; God and family. Unfortunately for him, when his way of serving both did not work out the way he thought it would, he lost his family, and his faith.

Michael spent years chasing happiness through the deepest reaches of sin until the day God needed him for a special mission.

Now Michael found himself getting back in touch with the Holy Father and preparing to take the Lords ministry into one of the darkest place imaginable: Federal Prison.

From Prison to Praise is a memoir of Michael Hallís struggle with his own faith, and how he overcame the hold Satan had on his life, and how he continues to this day, even while incarcerated, to bring the promise of salvation to those searching for something to believe in, and to those who do not even know they are searching.

ISBN: 978-0692322376
268 pages