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Today's society is seemingly predicated on selfishness. People often objectify others and view them as nothing more than a means to selfish ends. We live in a world fueled by instant gratification coupled with a 'me first' attitude.
In light of these prevailing characteristics of society - which seem to be viewed by most as normal - it is a challenge to discern the covert agendas of others. In fact, jealousy often disguises itself as a friend. In many instances, the very people we regard as close friends frequently plot our downfall, in most cases due to jealousy and envy (jealousy and envy are by-products of oppression).
Journey through the mind of Charles Carpenter as he outlines the various shades and colors of oppression. Oppression can either driver you mad, or it can inspire you to move in a positive direction and rise above your circumstances. In order to elevate we must be aware of strategies and tactics employed by the oppressor.
ISBN-13: 978-0692294994
68 pages
I wrote this book in hopes that my unfortunate self - imposed experiences will serve as deterrence for young men and women who are on the wrong path in life. I hope, upon completion of this book, valuable lessons are learned regarding the negative fruitage of bad choices.
Thereís a very strong possibility that I will die in prison yet Iím at peace with my reality. Iíve asked for forgiveness and Iím making every effort to become a better person. Iím truly sorry for what I did and if I could, I would right that horrible wrong.
I want to thank everyone for all the love and support.
ISBN 978-0-9857686-0-7
212 pages