Midnight Express Books is proud to introduce
This is the greatest book of love poetry to ever grace the shelves of a bookstore or home since the movie of Eddie Murphy’s Boomerang, Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale, or even Angela Bassetts’ How Stella Got Her Groove Back.
It is feel-good poetry, like feel-good music. To Kiss the Soul of a Woman is a collection of love poetry that will make a woman laugh and cry; heal the soul of hurt; and heal the pain of the broken hearted. It is poetry that will say the words to a lover, wife or friend that we sometimes find impossible to say of our own accord. It is a book of love poetry that will kiss the soul of a woman by making love to her heart and to her mind.
So, hit your computers ladies and gentlemen. Hit your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networking mediums…email every friend you have and tell them to email all their family and friends, and let them know that you have an incarcerated poet coming To Kiss the Soul of a Woman.
Like I say, my friends….

It is feel-good poetry, like feel good music….

68 pages