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There is a simple and inexpensive solution to many of our countryís most pressing problems: Prison Education. Educating our prisoners has proven to be the most effective and the least costly answer to reducing recidivism Ė and if we can reduce recidivism by even a modest 10% we can reduce our national and statesí budgets by $60 billion to $70 billion every year! We can reduce crime significantly and make our communities safer. And we can transform wasted individuals who know no other way to survive except crime into productive, tax-paying citizens who support their families and get them off welfare, citizens who live as consumers, further supporting the national economy. People who have been educated almost always see to it that their children are educated, so it would mean a continuing decrease in crime and expenditures for new prison facilities year after year. It works! Itís been studied. Itís been proven. And, sadly, itís been ignored. Today, prison education is almost non-existent. In the face of overwhelming evidence, policy makers and the general public still do not support post-secondary higher education in prisons. Year after year, even basic correctional educational programs are further reduced. Computers are not allowed. The results? Prisoner unrest and violence. Then we need even more money for additional security. This book was written to explain the enormity of its impact, not just on prisoners, but on our entire society and our nationís prosperity and safety, in the hope that greater understanding will result in wise legislative action for our common good. Prison education is a concept whose time has come. It is time to stop studying the issue and stop discoursing. It is time to start the ball rolling and do something about it.

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