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One out of every three black men between the ages of 18 and 34 are in prison, on parole or on probation in the United States. Out of the two million Americans incarcerated, half are African American. Much has been written and said about these numbers, but very little, if any, has come from the men for whom these statistics refer; until now.
Beauty in Chains is an anthology of poetry by this silent majority, victims of America’s incarceration infatuation. We felt it was time for African American community to hear from their fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, husbands and friends behind prison walls. Beauty in Chains is a dialogue to the black community from these men.

ISBN 9781452802107
154 Pages
“The Street Capitalist” is about going from despair to hope, written by a former eighth grade dropout and ex-drug dealer. It’s a testament to God’s grace and the power of new beginnings.

ISBN 978-1448665631
210 pages
On a hot summer night, a man was killed in a crowded nightclub parking lot in front of a thousand potential witnesses. Amazingly, the case remained unsolved for nearly six months. By fall, the police had their eyes on two suspects; two young, unemployed black men who fit the face of violent crime in Harris County. With no physical evidence, prosecutors built a murder case based solely on unreliable eye-witness testimony that sent an innocent man to prison.
If you believe in the American notion of innocent until proven guilty, this book will disturb you.
If you believe that jury trials are unbiased searches for truth, this book will shock you.
If you believe that only the guilty are convicted and sent to prison, and sometimes put to death –
this book will scare you.

246 pages
ISBN 978-1461026457
What you know about that H-Town, The Rockets, Texans, Candy Paint, Rap-a-lot, Drank, Elbows, Pop Trunk, The Galleria, Beyonce, MLK, DJ Screw, 97.9 the Box, Homestead, V-12s' Dime Pieces & Southern Peaches, 5000 Watts, Old Schools, Bald Fades. Houston more than a city it's a lifestyle. It's deeper than what you can see on the latest Hoods DVD.
Boys go hard. Orlando Jones was one of them. Ball to you fall was his motto and he did. It cost him a decade in the FEDS, but now he's home and determined to stack some legit paper and stay free. But the streets won't let this hood disciple go. Soon he finds himself sucked back into the "life" of big money and big time gangsters where boys will do anything and anyone to get "it". Facing a Glock on the left and Glock on the right the only thing Orlando wants to do is get out of "it" alive and free.
184 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1466215573