Midnight Express Books is proud to introduce
WafiQ aka Ghetto Poet
Eye for an Eye is a novel about a crew of friends who were all born and raised in the mean streets of Chicago, better known by some as "Chi-Town" or "The Windy City."

Through the hot summers and the fierce bone chilling coldness of Chi-Town's winters, Big Ace, Lil' Ace, Kevin, Donell and Rob experienced everything from joy to pain, gains to losses and the ultimate understanding of life and death.

“The book is a gem!! It kept me up until 4:00 a.m. In the end, “Eye for an Eye” is saying always remain calm under pressure. Don’t panic, sit, plan, execute with patience and vivid concentration, and you shall succeed!” Ben El Shaddai

“On the real, “Eye for an Eye” is the business. It got me hooked. I read the whole book last night, I couldn’t put it down.” S/C Red

“Eye for an “Eye” not only shows the battles in court before a trial, it also gives the reader insight on police corruption, filing motions, bogus deals, snitches and their affect on people’s lives.” Will

“I like this book. It’s a good story laced with realism. The message is clear and positive.” C-Mo

“Eye for an “Eye” has a very interesting story line and plot. I think it’s a winner!” Spencer

ISBN 9781453646106
225 Pages
WafiQ (a.k.a. "The Ghetto Poet"), is known by many for his poetic abilities of both written & spoken word poetry. WafiQ is also recognized for his writing abilities of nonfiction materials. "Eye for an Eye" is his first novel.
Also available in eBook format with immediate download!