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DISTRACTIONS is a testimony of the distractions that Rev. Anthony Spaulding experienced as a youth. It is a book of instruction, understanding, hope, awareness, prevention, motivation, and inspiration. This is the raw truth from someone who experienced the distractions which youth are going through today. This is a sure tool to keep the youth from going down the wrong road. Parents and youth can learn from Spaulding’s mistakes. The youth can learn and see the things that are ahead of them if they choose the wrong direction. Parents will get a colorful view of the small things that can turn into something big. This book was not written to glorify a delinquent past. Yet, there is a message of love that will affect lives, change hearts, and provide positive actions. Righteousness, success. unity, strength and consciousness are goals for every reader. Join me for a “real talk” and let’s lock out the “distractions.”
This book is a wonderful tool that parents and youth and learn from.

Rev. Anthony Spaulding tells the blatant truth we all need to hear. The advice he gives is necessary to discourage all young people from getting involved in gangs or drugs. I highly recommend this book.
Dr. Margaret Burroughs
“It’s Not Your Fault”
A message to those who have been raped, abused, or taken advantage of

This book is a message to inspire all who have been, or know someone who has been raped, abused, or taken advantage of. It is a book to lift up people who need a boost of confidence. It touches on various experiences with a creative flair to reflect the empathy Anthony IsReaL has for those who have suffered. Drawing from the stories of those special people who have allowed Anthony to tap into their life and his his own abuse, this book encompasses the realness that one thinks about but is too afraid to speak on. Anthony IsReaL says it loud and clear! “It’s Not Your Fault!” Displaying the emotion and heart to bring the most hyper-sensitive effect this is simply the best word available to help build and rejuvenate. It features poetry, soulful songs, an epic script and the true essence of a colorful and motivated artist. Anthony IsReaL gives a vivid account and puts it all out there that the soothing and healing of those who have been raped, abused or taken advantage of may begin. He simply says “It’s Not Your Fault!”
ISBN 978-1460949702
161 pages $10.00
Are you ready to give God some praise? Are you ready to be amazed by the blessing you will receive when you fellowship in the Spirit? With creative poem, song and scripted story, Rev. Anthony Spaulding Jr. ministers to you in this book. Giving you a vivid look at the message and personal experience God gave him to share with all.
With the inspiration of the Biblical Psalms, Anthony Spaulding Jr. displays his versatile gifts that will touch your heart, soul, mind and spirit in a rainbow of ways. At the same time, he teaches with an artistic flavor that tickles your senses and reaches out to your understanding. Only through the Anointance that Jesus Christ has put on him is he able to do so. He encourages all to become a D.O.D. “Descendant of David” by accepting Jesus Christ.
Everyone should read this book! The Seeker, Babe in Christ, Praise Warrior, and anyone who loves artistic expression! D.O.D.

Foreword by renowned Author/Editor/Critic William L. Lederer.

288 Pages
Real Talk About Gangs, Drugs, Violence and Sex is a “must read” for the following audiences:

. For youth.

. For parents to read with their kids.

. For mentors, counselors and anyone who has an effect on young lives today.

. It should be read for understanding, inspiration, motivation, for hope and action.

. Herein are valuable life lessons and critical experiences for all.

. Everybody can learn something from this book.

. This book is for anyone who has ever been distracted.

ISBN 978-1-45055210-3
186 Pages $10.00