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This book consists of two parts. Part I not only shows you the art and strategies of searching and finding the job you want, but it also prepares you for the interview and most particularly, it shows you how to conduct yourself during the job interview.

After you have been successful in landing the job, Part I of this book also shows you how to avoid a layoff notice.
One of the most significant strategies is being able to get along with various personalities in the workplace.

We all have people in our lives that frustrate, annoy, or hurt us. We have bullies in the workplace who are conceited, and obnoxious. You might have a dysfunctional coworker whom you wish to deal with immediately.

In this case, you immediately proceed to Part II of this book and read the appropriate chapters that characterize that dysfunctional coworker. It shows you how to recognize the signs of Dysfunctional Coworkers In the workplace. The behaviors of these individuals are significant issues on the job. Therefore, if you encounter these conflicts on the job, you can utilize some of these strategies to quell these situations in order to cope with these dysfunctional people.

ISBN 978-0-9857686-3-8
176 pages
Success is a science, but success does not always come from what we do. Success comes from how we see things, and how differently we act on what we see. When you see how others do certain things, or when you ear others say certain things, you should program yourself to act on what you see or hear so that life can deliver the results you desire rather than to settle for the undesirable results.

Whether your focus is on career, professional relationship, marriage or family relationship, “Discover What Makes People Successful,” gives you the skills you need to make sound, effective decision to the everyday situations that will enable you to enjoy the rewards and benefits.

You don’t want to go through life wearing a sign that reads:

“This is the unsuccessful victim of success.”

The highest service in life is to excel. We were born in this world to excel in everything we do, otherwise, we were born in vein.

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