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The Shroud Of Turin is the most famous and mysterious Christian relic in our history. Many experts have examined and tested the Shroud to determine if it is the Shroud that wrapped around Christís body at his burial or just a fake. To this day, not a single expert has proven that the Shroud is a fake or that it is real. They provide only personal theories and flawed carbon dating tests.
The author, Richard Jackson, has discovered an ancient Bible Code that was used to create the Shroud. This code reveals that it is a fake version of the Shroud that was used to cover the crucified body of Christ at his burial, who created it, and why. The code reveals hidden biblical messages on the Shroud that relate to Christ and the events leading up to, and after the crucifixion. The author reveals everything to you in detail in this book.

This book is a must-read for Shroud researchers, skeptics, and enthusiasts. If you like ancient mysteries you will love the information in this book!

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