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Maurice Hayes grew up in the heart of Chicago’s Westside community where gangs and drugs seem like the only option to living. While in the midst of his own tribulations, Maurice made the conscious decision to dig beneath the surface, the rough exterior of his upbringing, so that he could get to know himself better. It was then that this brilliant young man discovered his God given talent of writing poems.

Although he found peace in his writing, he still decided to take it to another level and turned writing poetry into Spoken Word Poetry. The eyes of Mr. Hayes have truly seen a lot and that is what makes his work so inspirational. He speaks from his experiences and that is what makes his work personal. Being empathetic is as easy as breathing air to him, which is what makes his poems a great motivation to those who read them.

Reading his poems will not only motivate you, they will make you proud of yourself. They will make you laugh and even cry. Furthermore, there will be fresh thoughts and new visions of life swimming around in your heart. All of which are the reasons why Mr. Maurice Hayes writes poems and does Spoken Word as well. This book will be enjoyed and will leave an imprint on the souls of all who come across it.


              Elvin McClinton
Maurice "Reese" Hayes is a writer, poet, spoken word artist & motivational speaker with a calling to empower people to take control of their lives & define themselves for themselves. Reese realized that he first had to accomplish these things himself.
Motivated by his personal journey & tragedies therein, he evaluated his life & found the courage to grow-up, rather than simply grow-old. In doing so, he accepted the responsibility to share with the community, especially the youth, as well as those outside the community, the path taken that led to the physical & mental incarceration that he found himself confined in as well as the necessary path needed to escape all the imprisoning factors that led to his physical & mental captivity.
A father of two wonderful blessings, Maurice understood that a lot of maturing would be required, if he was going to be the father to his children that his father wasn't to him.
C.E.O. & Founder of "Spit with a Purpose" Maurice has dedicated his life to being the messenger and example needed to deliver the message that you can grow from the worst of situations & rise above the dismal circumstances that will tug at your elevation. So here he gives you the jewel that the situations & circumstances surrounding your life will only hold you down, if you allow them to. Through the strain & stresses of incarceration, he was able to navigate through the rough terrain until he found himself.

"Life is a Lesson learned while living it!"

"Live it to the fullest!"

"I despise who I once was, I'm so proud of who I am now!"