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Lucas Alan Dietsche (pronounced Dee-chee) was born in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1981 and has lived in Lamartine, Wisconsin most of his life.

He was an extra in the American Civil War movie “Gods and Generals.”

Dietsche is educated at various Wisconsin universities including UW – Superior, two country jails, and two Wisconsin prisons.

He has been recently featured in the collection of poetry called “Collected Whispers” published by International Society of Poetry.

Dietsche has also been published in an issue of the UW – Superior’s Writer’s Magazine and in various newspapers.

He has been active in pro-peace, student, anti-death penalty, environmental, labor, poverty and socialist activism.

At the time of publication, Dietsche is working on more volumes of poetry and novels about working people’s liberation.

Lucas is free!!! Out of prison earlier this year and working on another book!!!

You may write to Lucas at:

Lucas Dietsche
POBox 1253
Fond du Lac, WI 54936
Advance praise for the Elba Memoires of an Ex-Capitalist
A tale of life after a socialist revolution, Elba takes the reader on an interesting journey to the future. Using the unexpected tactic of telling the story through the eyes of a capitalist (Kehler), who is in a ‘reeducation camp,’ we get a glimpse of the values and priorities of this future world (A world where gold is no longer the object of greed but is so unimportant, it has become the humble raw material for making door knobs!) If you want an intriguing glance into what could be, read Elba Memoirs of an Ex-Capitalist!
Adam Ritscher,
Former County Board Supervisor of Douglas County, Wisconsin
Hear out the “Word Out!”
With combinations of rhyme, Dada, free Verse, spoken word, expressism proletarian realism, and prose, Dietsche stretches the English language and bends-the-ear to over exaggerate reality to tell the reality of truth. He does it to expose lust, destructive tastes of profit wars, contemporary morals, depression, deprivation, loneliness, frustration, alienation or prison, and the Human from nature and product. Dietsche’s “Word Out” is so scathingly provocative and uniquely versed, you would think he’s writing in his own language! Think of it as anti-poetry.
Really soak his message in to help form a people-friendly, brave, and new un-utopian world, by educating, organizing, agitating.