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Nieem is Face's younger cousin and both are members of the Notorious Young Gunz outta Chester, Pennsylvania. Young Gunz is a group of young gangstas chasing that money in Killa Hill projects. Nieem's world is turned upside down when he gets a call that his older cousin Face was murdered as he sat in his car.
Nieem brings the drama to Face's killers, the body count in Chester begins to climb and the streets begin to talk. Uncle Saleem sees the carelessness of his young nephew and decides to step in and give him some guidance. Immediately, the power begins to shift toward Nieem as he and his crew solidifies their control over the entire city.

Take a journey with Nieem as he turns what was once a decent working class city into one of the deadliest cities in America. Nobody is untouchable to Nieem as the money pours in and the power becomes intoxicating.

Nieem is living the life most who know him feel he was built to live. Watch how all this begins to change as a Federal snitch is murdered. The Feds seek revenge as one of their Rats is killed and decided to step up their pressure on the Young Gunz. Unfazed by the Feds, Nieem decides to make a move the Mafia never tried. With Killa Hill holding him down, will Nieem take the battle to the Feds? Chester will never be the same.

ISBN 978-0-615-43283-0 192 Pages $14.95
With the Federal government swooping down on the Notorious Young Gunz, key members of the organization are arrested. Lil’ Nigga dodges the indictment and steps up to secure the family’s business.

Lil’ Nigga has a vision to be bigger or better than his cousin Nieem could ever imagine. Strapped with a major line to the Russian Mafia through Dmetri, who controls business on the east cost for the Mafia, Lil’ Nigga is given the opportunity he was looking for and he surpasses everyone’s expectations …. That is until that fateful day when Dmetri introduced him to Agent Roth.

Agent Roth gives Lil’ Nigga a choice, either get on the team and achieve the success of getting his cousin Nieem out of prison or going to prison for the rest of his life.

Stressed by the betrayal of Dmetri, Lil’ Nigga approaches the situation like no other street legend has done.

ISBN- 978-0-61555985-8
231 pages