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Molly the midget is what you call almost too beautiful. Sort of a cross between the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen and the most desirous vision your im-agination can conjure up. They say she can take on any appearance; they say no man can resist her charms. I never wanted to find out…..Tommy Two-head wasn’t so cautious.
   A car-jacking in L.A. forces a guy barely able to cope with his own problems and who just wants to be left alone, into a whirlwind of conflict and hazard. A bizarre cast of characters, including an enigmatic midget girl with an over-powering presence, a desperate Mexican gang-banger on a mission to save his sister, a gypsy fortune-teller, a hired killer with no remorse and even less scruples, and a former beauty queen dancing in a strip bar in Vegas, become Bill’s unwanted burden while opening the door to possible salvation – if he can survive the journey.
   From the marbled halls of L.A. high-rises to the bleached-out desert sands of Vulture Flats, Icicle Bill and Tommy Two-Head dodge bullets, the authorities and their own tortured pasts in an effort to witness just one more sunrise. Intrigue and danger beckon at every turn while memories and remorse lurk threateningly in the subcons-cious, stalking as quietly and ominous as blood drops on sand.
Kansas farm girl, Fallon Dawn Hunter, lands in Hollywood and quickly learns that not everyone who’s nice to you is your friend. After being raked-over in her attempts at an acting / modeling career, she winds up answering phones in a ramshackle two-man law / P.I. office overlooking Hollywood Blvd. It doesn’t take long before she meets a Tinseltown film legend, and is introduced to the seedy underworld of Asian prostitution, where she’s exposed to the raw sexuality of an alluring Chinese bargirl, desperate for her help.

   As she wrestles with her own confused emotions, she must also evade a blackmailing killer, a murderous thug, and the unwanted attention of police detectives while trying to hold onto her honor, integrity, sanity, and skin.
  She’s traded in snow boots for stilettos, and her little dog, Bunny, for a Colt .25 … only to discover you can’t run from killers in heels, and you can’t always stop what’s chasing you with bullets.

  Goodbye Natalie is a fast-paced, twisting thrill ride that weaves through the glamorous Hollywood movie industry, onto the yachts and into the bedrooms of the rich and powerful and behind the red doors of forbidden Oriental massage parlors. A tribute to the noir detective classics where danger, romance and intrigue lurk behind every torn curtain and around every jagged corner.
Razor Babb is a PEN Writing Awards winner, former reporter, and founder/editor of The Corcoran Sun. Other novels include Icicle Bill and The Last Lockdown.
Goodbye Natalie was inspired by events that trans-pired during the author’s brief stint as a temporary worker at Twentieth Century Fox Studios.

Many years of exhaustive research, trolling L.A.’s seedy underworld and watching old black-and-white movies, have contributed to this labor of love. It’s been said that in order to write a good story, you should write about things you know. The places and characters depicted in Goodbye Natalie are as familiar and endearing to the author as the intimate embrace of a seasoned concubine.

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