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The most explosive, dynamic, and compelling autobiography ever written from behind the walls of United States Federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Now, after continuously serving more than 20 years inside some of the most violent, dangerous, and drug infested Federal penitentiaries throughout this nation, Gerald Hawthorne Duffy, Jr. finally tells his story. As an African-American raised in Southern Mississippi - by far one of the most racist and poverty stricken regions in this nation. Raised in private Catholic institutions; ran away from home at the age of 15 after experiencing child abuse and domestic violence; graduated from high school as an elite football and track athlete, then went on to attend (Alcorn and Jackson State) two historically Black universities. From being honored one of the highest academic awards as a freshman, to becoming a central figure as a junior in the largest and most profitable Federal cocaine conspiracies to originate from Southern Mississippi in the late 80s through the early 90s. Its networking centers extended as far as Miami, New York, and ultimately Houston, Texas. This story depicts Duffy’s childhood years; takes a glimpse into the struggles of college life; and a look into the vicious “underworlds” of America. Intertwined with statistical facts and professional analysis concerning African-Americans’ financial, social, educational and political conditions here in America. It exposes the so-called “War on Drugs,” who that war was actually waged against, and the true hidden agendas behind the White Power Structure in America. This book finally shows with knowledge of self, along with a sound education, we all can change, become productive leaders and pillars in our communities, and uplift other African-American youths. Very inspirational, educational, and a must read for anyone seeking change.
294 pages