Thank you for your interest in Midnight Express Books.

MEB has worked with incarcerated authors for over eleven years and we have learned to work with the restrictions that you face every day to help you get your work self published in an efficient and timely (considering the circumstances) manner. We began our business by helping my brother self publish six of his books. He is currently in federal prison serving 29 years for bank robbery.

Our submission criteria are simple; if you would like to have us help you with your project all you have to do to get the process started is send us a copy of your completed manuscript. Once we receive it we will look it over to determine if it is something we will be willing to work with.

At the time of submission you must provide return postage. If your manuscript is acceptable as is we will provide you with a quote for the services we feel are required to get it into publication. If it is unacceptable we will return it with suggestions of things you need to do to make it acceptable.

If we find that your manuscript needs to be edited we will include the cost of our professional editing service in your quote. If we feel that your manuscript needs to be edited before it can be published then editing will not be optional.

We have found that every project is different and because of this difference we will provide a quote based on the needs of your individual project. We do not use a “one price fits all” approach so the quote you receive will be customized specifically for your project.

Our processes normally proceed as follows:

1. You submit your manuscript and a complete description/diagram of your cover for review along with everything else listed in the Submissions List.

2. We will look it over and send you a quote.

3. If you decide that you would like for us to help you get your book published, you must pay the entire quoted amount in full before we begin the work. (see * below)

4. Once you have the funds in place we will put your project into our production lineup and begin work once it reaches the front of the line.

5. When work begins on your project the first thing that has to be done is the scanning (if it is handwritten it must first be typed).

6. If it is scheduled for editing it will then be uploaded to our professional editing service. The turn-around time for this service can take up to two months.

7. Next comes the formatting into a rough draft copy. This draft will be sent to you for corrections. No rewrites will be allowed without additional cost to you.

8. Once you have made all of the corrections you can find you will send it back to us and we will make the corrections on our digital copy.

9 Your entire project will then be uploaded to our online printing service and a PROOF copy will be printed and sent directly to you. This proof will be a sample of the actual book that will be for sale. You will look closely at the proof copy to make sure that it is the way you want it – only corrections are allowed at this point and ANY change will result in an additional fee for a second proof copy. (usually $25-35 depending on the number of pages)

10. Once you have approved the proof copy we will make your book go live and upload it to all of the on-line venders where it will be for sale.

Below is a list of a few policies that we will expect our clients to adhere to as we work through the various steps of the publishing processes.

1. If at any time during the publishing processes the relationship between MEB and our client becomes contentious or strained to the point of intolerance, we reserve the right to pay ourselves for the work we have done to that point from the client’s account and return the project, including the work done to that point, along with a refund of the balance to the client and dissolve our relationship.

2. MEB will not respond to inquiries concerning how long a project might take to complete. Every project is different and we have no control over some of the processes involved.

3. MEB will not respond to suggestions concerning how we might run our company more efficiently. We know what we are doing and we’d rather be doing it than answering letters.

4. MEB does not take any portion or percentage of your royalties or the rights to your book. Consequently we will not agree to accept a percentage of your royalties in exchange for our work.

5. MEB will not help to publish any book that offers instructions on how to commit any crime. Nor will we help to publish pornography. (see ** below)

6. MEB will not offer a quote for any project before receiving a copy of the work to be quoted.

We look forward to helping you with your self publishing project.

Victor & Linda Huddleston

To date we have helped more than 100 authors self publish over 200 books and we have never cheated any of them out of a dime – we won’t start with you.

** Most of the time, sex that is incidental to the story (as in the Urban genre) is okay.

NOTE: If you have written your work down on paper it is protected by the current copyright laws as updated in 1996 to state “…any intellectual work is considered protected under copyright the moment it is rendered in a tangible form…” That is to say; the moment you wrote it down in a form that could be comprehended (or read) by another person, it was copyrighted. All you would need to prove in the event of an infringement suit is WHEN you wrote it down.